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How much distance should you maintain between another vehicle on the road and your car, bike or scooter?

 It is important to understand the right distance to be maintained between your and another vehicle while on road. The distance is to be calculated on two parameters:

  1. TD – Thinking distance: In a real life situation if you are travelling at a speed of 60 KMPH, and it takes you a second to react to an emergency situation and by then you would have travelled another 18 to 20 meters since the moment you thought of applying the brakes. So you need to know your TD. It is approximately 18 to 20 meters at a speed of 60 KMPH and can vary as per individuals. It can reduce to 10 meters if you are going at speeds of less than 40 KMPH.
  2. BD – Braking distance: The distance you cover between the points when you first applied the brakes to when your scooter or bike actually reaches a speed of 0 to 5 KMPH is your Braking Distance.

Adding your BD and TD, you can figure out the distance that is required to be maintain between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you.

As a thumb rule, the required safe distance for speeds upto 60 KMPH is the speed at which you are riding in meters divided by 1000, plus 10. So, if you are driving at 60 KMPH, keep a distance of atleast 70 meters. Even at speeds lower than 20 KMPH, it is necessary to keep the total distance of minimum 20 meters.

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