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Michelin Launch Road 5 Radial Tyres For High End Motorcycles In India

Michelin Launch Road 5 Radial Tyres For High End Motorcycles In India

Michelin Road 5 Tyre Launch in India

After the success of the Pilot Road 4, the next generation of the popular Road series takes more of an all-purpose approach to an all-season sport and touring tyre. The design of the Michelin Road 5 Tyres takes these complimentary riding styles into account, the edges of the tyre, those that are only called into action during aggressive riding on dry pavement, are uninterrupted expanses of a softer tread compound. The biggest selling point of the Road 5 is wet-weather longevity. In wet conditions – we change the way we ride. Michelin essentially reinvented the wheel when they engineered the water evacuation siping of the Road 5 tyres.

Michelin claims this new tyre comes combining three technologies that give it best-in-class wet-road grip. It gets latest-generation rubber compounds, dual-compound technology and a siped tread pattern. As a typical tyre wears, the negative space between the tread gets progressively smaller and smaller. When the tyre wears, it maintains a more consistent volume of negative space where water can disperse. This translates into more confident wet-weather cornering and emergency braking throughout the life of the tyre. The Michelin Pilot Road 4 sold 1.5 million tyres since its launch four years ago setting a new benchmark and the new Road 5 tyre comes based on that.

The new Michelin Road 5 tyre is available in 3 Different sizes-

Front: 120 / 70/ ZR17

Rear: 190/50/ZR17 and 180 /55 /ZR 17



  • Patented Michelin XST Evo siping design
  • Patented ACT+ casing technology
  • 2CT dual compound front tire composition
  • 2CT+ dual compound rear tire composition
MRF Launch Nylogrip Ezeeride for all Mid-Range and High End Motorcycles

MRF Launch Nylogrip Ezeeride for all Mid-Range and High End Motorcycles

MRF has released the Nylogrip Ezeeride variety of tyres for the Indian two wheeler market catering to the needs of multiple manufacturers with their commuter-friendly alternatives. This is unlike MRF’s Zappers – which are suitable for comfort riding, thanks to their rounded profiles – the Ezeerides have an almost-squared off layout that has a bigger contact patch within the straight line. The brand new tyre version also guarantees to provide relaxed experience. The Indian tyre enterprise has also stated that these tyres are fine suited towards commuter and cruiser bikes sold in India.

Speaking on the release, Koshy Varghese, Executive Vice President, advertising, MRF Ltd, said, “The MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride is designed with the added element of comfort, without compromising on the grip and sturdiness generally related to MRF tyres – this is a biker’s delight.”

The tread is primarily based on the riding pattern observed by most riders. The Nylogrip Ezeeride range is available from INR 1400 for the front and INR 1500 for the rear wheel, going all of the way up to INR 1575 for the Royal Enfield-specific front tyre and INR 5550 for the Harley-Davidson street 750’s rear tyre.

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