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Michelin and GM Unveil Airless, Puncture Proof Tyres

Michelin and GM Unveil Airless, Puncture Proof Tyres

Michelin and General Motors unveil the future generation of airless tyres and this technology will make flat tyres a thing of the past.The new Uptis Prototype (“Unique Puncture-proof Tire System”) would help save 200 million tyres from being scrapped every year, according to Michelin.Those tyres are thrown out due to punctures, damage from roads, and improper air pressure causing uneven wear.The company developed the new tyre at the company’s research campus in Greenville.Michelin is working with General Motors to test the prototype in vehicles like the Chevrolet Bolt.

Michelin Uptis Major Benefits:

  • Decreasing wastage of Tyres (Approximately save 2M tons of wasted material per year)
  • No Pressure Control Needed
  • Lasting Longer
  • Eliminate irregular tyre wear from over or under inflation
  • Reduce blowouts and sudden flats


Michelin claims the the car driver experience with Uptis tyre won’t feel much different from a standard tyre. The weight of the Uptis is in between the weight of a standard tyre and a run-flat at 22.5 kg (49.6 lb). The Uptis has the advantage of removing the need for a spare tyre, however, this can be a significant weight savings for a vehicle and would reduce the load.

Michelin has not announced pricing structures for the Uptis tyre system and has not indicated the range of vehicles or vehicle sizes the Uptis will be available for.This would be targeted at shared or rented vehicles

The Michelin Uptis will be tested on Passenger vehicles in Michigan later this year.Michelin also announced that this will enter production as early as 2024.