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Definitive Guide to Control Road Rage in India

Definitive Guide to Control Road Rage in India

Guide to control road rage in India

Anyone driving faster than me is a reckless idiot!
Anyone driving slower than me is a loser!
These are the two thoughts which pass through the brains of millions of drivers every day.
Road rage is caused by numerous factors ,it could be as basic as jealousy or as complicated as trying
to make a phone call or sending a text while driving.
The result of road rage is always the same, in the best case scenario you simply raise your middle
finger, and in the worst case scenario you end up in a duel to death.
There are certain ways to avoid rage – you could practice meditation or deep breathing to lower your
degree of abusive responses-but as most of us have seen, when the moment arrives , meditation is
nowhere in the list of points that we are considering as options.
So what can you do to avoid being in that situation , where road rage is an option?
Here’s a list of things you can do to avoid road rage situations:
Do not change lanes , do not text while driving , do not drink alcohol before or during driving are the
usual culprits that you are already aware of.
Then there’s stuff that you know but you just need to be reminded about.
Drive within speed limits-when you actually do this , you realize you are in the right frame of mind ,
because it is the right thing to do.
Do not compete with anyone in any form, while driving-when you start giving people the right of
passage , it brings in a feel good factor.Thanks to you , they will reach somewhere safely and on
This is all the mental stuff.
Now let us deal with some of the physical stuff.
-Bad tyres can cause road rage.We know that the one thing that is in contact with the road in your
car is the tyres. Make sure that your tyres are not worn out or damaged. If they are , then they could
result in your losing control over braking distances , or the tyres might get punctured , or the
steering might get affected – all this leads to stressed relationships with other drivers on the road.
So change your tyres before they change your life experiences.
-Another situation all of us have seen on the roads is where two vehicles have stopped , none of the
occupants is hurt , but they are screaming at each other aggressively.
These people have caused a traffic jam behind them , and other drivers’ minds are getting triggered
into a road rage zone.

Most of the time the situation is that the cars or bikes involved in this accident type situation are
damaged , and the cost of these damages is worrying the two owners.
Let me remind all of you – your cars are insured ,and this insurance policy is the key to keep you
calm in such a situation.
Claiming insurance is complicated when someone is injured , if no one is injured , then it is a
relatively simpler process.
In both the cases , you are insured , your car is insured against damages , and you even have third
party insurance cover from which the other person can be paid by your insurance company- so
there’s really nothing to fight about in a fit of road rage with another driver on the road.
Action points for you:

1.Ask your insurance agent on what are the steps needed to be taken in such a scenario, and if ever
you are stuck in this situation, keep those notes available at hand.
2. Check your tyre condition today , and visit in case you need help in changing
tyres.We give home delivery and doorstep installation of tyres-Now that’s convenient ,right?
Driving is a happy experience, keep it that way.