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The Benefits of Buying Premium tyres |TyresNMore – Buy Tyres Online in India

The Benefits of Buying Premium tyres |TyresNMore – Buy Tyres Online in India

Have you ever asked yourself “Why to use premium tires when budget tyres would do the work at fraction of the cost”? To highlight the issue, we recently did an experiment with two identical Volkswagen Passat vehicles wearing the same size tyre, with the same tyre pressure and tread depth. The only difference was, one was equipped with Premium Primacy 3ST and the other with budget tyre Accelere Alpha. Immediately the difference in the performance was visible. The car equipped with budget had less grip, vague steering and had very little traction on the wet surface. The view that Premium tyres are supreme is shared by leading automobile companies and that’s why they place their millions of dollars in R&D and testing of new tyre technologies.

Better Grip and handling: Long-term saving aside, Premium tyres are safer than other budget alternatives. The sole purpose of putting years of research & hard work is to create a gap wide enough to differentiate on the basis of on-road performance. They have deeper functioning treads which are great for long rides. They are less loud than budget tyres which helps in providing a smooth ride. In a tropical region like India, where weather changes on every 500 kilometers and road seem to be dry more often than they’re wet. When a vehicle is traveling too fast on a wet road and tyres are not able to maintain grip due to water, hydroplaning may occur. Hydroplaning is a loss of traction on the front tyres due to the wet surface which leads to skidding over the surface of water resulting in loss of control. Temperature also plays a big role in braking distances and handling. Premium tyres have been proven to have shorter stopping distance in both the conditions. For example, Bridgestone Potenza G-III has a high rating for wet grip and also outclasses most budget tyres in dry conditions.

Increased Tyre life: Premium tyre makers have put in years of research & development along with superior material to increase the life of their products. They have invested massively in designing a cutting-edge product that leads the field in performance. They use superior quality material which lasts much longer than budget alternatives.  One example is Pirelli Scorpion STR tubeless tyre, which has components to ensure that tyre’s performance is top notch throughout its lifetime & you need to replace them less often. Premium tyres are the real money saver in the longer run.

Fuel efficiency: The key difference between budget & premium tyres is its rolling resistance. The rules of physics state that stationary objects require energy to move. The more resistance your tyres has to get moving, the more fuel it will burn. Rolling resistance is the friction your tyre create when they move along the road surface. Premium helps in the increasing the fuel efficiency due to its low rolling resistance, lower weight & aerodynamic design. Premium tyres are much better than regular tyres. They are safer, reacts faster, steer better and stands less chance of blowing out on a long drive. They work efficiently with ABS systems and vehicle’s sensitive steering and suspension systems. In case of premium tyres, the old adage “You get what you pay for” certainly holds true.  

Best Tyres for Maruti Suzuki Wagon R |TyresNMore – Buy Tyres Online in India

Best Tyres for Maruti Suzuki Wagon R |TyresNMore – Buy Tyres Online in India



Maruti Suzuki launched “Blue-eyed boy” Wagon-R in 1999, which later on became the most profitable car for Suzuki, even in the international market. With the idea to continue the success momentum, Maruti Suzuki decided to bring in the new Wagon R that comes equipped with redefined sporty fog lamps, coupled with wide air dam and large bumpers.

Here we provide you with a list of budget tires alternatives, in case you are not happy with the stock tires.

1- Michelin Energy XM2 Tubeless


In a country like India, where road networks need regular repairing, Michelin introduced this series which is conditioned for such scenarios. Michelin Energy XM2 is coupled with “Michelin” innovation which makes it extremely reliable has long-lasting tread for better grip on Indian road surfaces. This tyre is formulated to provide high traction control and flawless stability while cornering which makes it a perfect fit for a car like Wagon R.

2- Bridgestone Turanza Tubeless

The renowned global tyre manufacturer Bridgestone (Estd 1889) introduced the series Bridgestone Turanza Tubeless. It was a result of modern research & development process focusing on the two essential areas .i.e. material and architecture. The special elastic compound along with silica help the Bridgestone Turanza Tubeless tyre to attain 25% longer life. With the help of this modern research process, they successfully attained longer life and shorter distance. This tyre can easily run for more than 50,000 km without hassle, which makes it a perfect fit for Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R

3- CEAT Milaze P145/80 R13 75T Tubeless

One of the India’s largest tyre manufacturer launched a tyre series, especially for Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R. Named CEAT Milaze P145/80 R13 75T Tubeless, CEAT claims that these have better tread depth, traction control, and longer life than other available alternatives in the market. CEAT Milaze has tread components that are designed to complement the maneuverability of Wagon-R on the bad and rough roads. The “Milaze” series of tires have been tested thoroughly for many extreme conditions. CEAT’s main aim to develop this series of tyres was to make the travel safer and smarter.

4- Goodyear Ducaro Hi-Miler P145/80 R13 75T Tubeless

This American giant has been ruling Indian roads for past 5 years. In the past years, Goodyear has introduced the wide range of budget tyres and has been giving competition to brands like MRF, Bridgestone. With the new Ducaro HI-Miler, Continental is responding to different demands of drivers. They have focused on short braking distances and precision handling on streets.

This street specialist achieves short braking distances by its stiff, broad tread design which provides the good design on typical Indian roads.

5- JK Tyre Ultima Nxt

Since 1974, JK Tyres is a well-known brand in India, recognized for its excellence and innovation. The main goal of the company is to enhance the safety of customers by producing technology-oriented products.

JK tyres introduced “Ultima NXT” due to lack of good wet condition tyre in the market for Wagon-R. Ultima NXT helps in enhancing grip for street-sport riding and maintaining precision at turns. High silica compound mixed with specifically profiled lateral grooves increases tyre tread flexibility and provides an extra sense of confidence at sharp edges.

Top Budget Tyres For Hyundai i20 |TyresNMore – Buy Tyres Online in India

Top Budget Tyres For Hyundai i20 |TyresNMore – Buy Tyres Online in India

We have seen two generations of Hyundai i20, and the car has grown from a small orthodox car to an elegant and sporty vehicle that it is today. As the vehicle has changed, so has its tire and wheel size.

Given the many variants the vehicle has developed over the years and the many possible tire sizes that have been used, there is no single “best” tire for all years of the Hyundai i20. Instead, we’ll break down a couple of top choices in popular sizes used on the i20. We base these choices off of our customer ratings and reviews, as well as our own experience with the tires and our tire testing program.

Apollo Amazer 4G P175/70 R14 84T Tubeless



  • T speed rated, tubeless tire
  • Longer Tire Life
  • Reduced unsprung mass for fuel efficiency
  • Optimal gauges for supreme cushioning for ride comfort
    Apollo tyres has always focussed on core areas of innovation & strategic analysis while producing automobile products. They are currently one of the biggest manufacturing companies producing in all categories, including commercial, passenger, and industrial vehicles.

Bridgestone B250 P175/70 R14 84T Tubeless



  • This sports-type ultra-high performance tire is developed for wide range of performance automobiles from sporty cars to luxury sedans. Featuring the Bridgestone’s latest fundamental technology, this tyre offers superior handling performance on wet and dry roads as well as comfortable and quiet ride.
  • Designed to reduce rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency.
  • Designed to improve wear resistance, providing a longer tire life.Bridgestone is one of the best tyre companies in India and provides supreme quality of passenger & commercial tyres. Bridgestone’s innovative technology with the strong commitment to serving customers has made them one of the best tyre brands on the market.

        Continental ContiComfortContact CC5 P175/70 R14 Tubeless


  • Dry Grip.
  • Stiffer rib at center and specially optimized contact patch
  • Tread pattern with larger outer shoulder
  • Tread compound based on higher Tg (Glass transition temperature) rubber

    Continental tires stand for excellent transmission of forces, exceptionally reliable tracking of all weather conditions and high-cost effectiveness. We offer the right tires for every application – from passenger cars through trucks, buses and construction site vehicles to industrial vehicles, bicycles, and motorcycles.Designed for small and compact cars, the ContiEcoContact 3 has low rolling resistance giving reduced fuel consumption and has excellent wear properties to ensure high mileage. In addition, its asymmetrical tread design provides excellent traction on wet and dry roads and shorter braking distances.

                 Falken Sincera SN835 P175/70 R14 84T Tubeless


  • Precise steering control during lane change
  • High in steering precision
  • Superior dry braking
    FALKEN, a joint venture of Sumitomo Rubber Asia (Tyre) Pvt. Ltd. (a subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. Japan) and Stamford Tyres Corporation Ltd. (Singapore), leverages Sumitomo proprietary tire technologies and Stamford distribution capability with a commitment to enhance customer satisfaction. FALKEN aims to expand sales of replacement tires by supplying one of the broadest and deepest product ranges in the tire market, keeping in mind Indian roads, driving, and vehicles. Addressing the growing needs of the Indian replacement tire market, FTI has a pan-India presence.

SINCERA implies safety, security, and reliability. The majority of modern cars are designed for everyday use and need comfortable, reliable and durable tires.

Top budget tyres for Maruti Suzuki Swift |TyresNMore – Buy Tyres Online in India

Top budget tyres for Maruti Suzuki Swift |TyresNMore – Buy Tyres Online in India

The first generation of Swift was introduced in India on 3rd May 2005. Swift’s 1.3-litre petrol engine is likely the model Indians saw it first, possibly wearing a badge that said: “Classiest car ever”.
Since then, the car has evolved into a sharp and powerful beast with conventional styling. It is still among the best seller for Maruti Suzuki.
We are going to break down a couple of top choices of tyres used on Maruti Suzuki Swift. We have included all the performance elements to give you the complete picture.

Bridgestone B290 P165/80 R14 85T Tubeless 

  • Straight grooves which help in enhanced traction.
  • Z pattern groove design to increase stability over water-filled surfaces
  • Extra thick casing to withstand heavy load.
  • Extended shoulder with round profile for good maneuverability.

          Yokohama Earth-1 E400 P165/80 R14 85T Tubeless 

  • Sharp Cornering capability due to rear compound and extended shoulder.
  • Provides Wet traction control.
  • Yokohama Earth-1 E400 has an aesthetically crafted design with an angular pattern provides excellent water channeling capabilities.
  • A unique combination of superior rubber and compound enhances the riding experience.

                             CEAT Milaze P165/80 R14 85S Tubeless 

  • Nylon Casing and reinforced bead area to withstand toughest road.
  • Optimized Tread and Shoulder contour.
  • Sturdy Block Pattern.
  • Special Tread Compound for faster heat dissipation.

               Goodyear Duraplus P165/80 R14 85T Tubeless

  • Center to shoulder cross grooves opening. Wider shoulder grooves make it suitable for both on-road and off-road application.
  • Precise steering stability at high speed.
  • Excellent braking capabilities, suitable for handling sudden braking actions.
What is Hydroplaning |TyresNMore – Buy Tyres Online in India

What is Hydroplaning |TyresNMore – Buy Tyres Online in India

When you drive your vehicle on a high speed on a wet surface & the tyres are unable to channel out enough water, hydroplaning will occur. Hydroplaning occur due to water present on the road, causing your tyres to “float” on the road. Due to this phenomenon, the car loses traction on the road temporarily. Every year lakhs of vehicle crashes due to hydroplaning. Due to hydroplaning, steering output could change which often leads to accidents. When there isn’t sufficient tread to wick the water away from the contact patch, surface tension actually lifts the tire off the surface. The other factor which leads to hydroplaning is the amount of water on the road & the tire’s sensitivity to water depth. At 70-80 km/hr, the tires may lose all the contact on the road.  

Types of Hydroplaning

Dynamic Hydroplaning: A condition that occurs when tire lands on the water deeper than the tread depth. Water forms a thin layer of oil, rubber particles & dirt between tyres and road surface, causing the car to skid. Hydroplaning hampers braking action and directional control. It is advised not to apply brakes in such conditions.  

Reverted rubber hydroplaning: This phenomenon typically occurs due to heavy braking on a thin film of water on the road surface. A thin film of water on the road is responsible for this activity. The braking action generates the small amount of heat. The water around the tire gets converted into steam and results in reverted rubber hydroplaning.

Methods of Prevention

It is nearly impossible to avoid hydroplaning on wet roads while driving at very high speed but you minimize the risk by using a component that we often ignore tires. Premium tires have improved tread design and hollow grooves that work together to channel water away to reduce hydroplaning. Gradually, the tire tread depth gets more shallow which results in skids. The best way to diminish the hydroplaning is to avoid the components that lead to it. Adequate tyre pressure, proper tread depth and controlled driving speed can limit the effect of hydroplaning. The Driver should steer the vehicle carefully and try to use brakes only when necessary. We should avoid using cruise control on a wet surface. These hydroplaning prevention tips will play a huge role in reducing the number of road accidents associated with loss of traction due to adverse weather and wet road surface. You can use premium tires made by Pirelli & Continental to diminish the risk of hydroplaning.