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Top budget tyres for Hyundai i20 |TyresNMore – Buy Tyres Online in India

Top budget tyres for Hyundai i20 |TyresNMore – Buy Tyres Online in India

We have seen two generations of Hyundai i20, and the car has grown from a small orthodox car to an elegant and sporty vehicle that it is today. As the vehicle has changed, so has its tire and wheel size.

Given the many variants the vehicle has developed over the years and the many possible tire sizes that have been used, there is no single “best” tire for all years of the Hyundai i20. Instead, we’ll break down a couple of top choices in popular sizes used on the i20. We base these choices off of our customer ratings and reviews, as well as our own experience with the tires and our tire testing program.

                  Apollo Alnac P175/70 R14 84T Tubeless



  • T speed rated, tubeless tire
  • Longer Tire Life
  • Reduced unsprung mass for fuel efficiency
  • Optimal gauges for supreme cushioning for ride comfort
    Apollo tyres have always focussed on core areas of innovation & strategic analysis while producing automobile products. They are currently one of the biggest manufacturing companies producing in all categories, including commercial, passenger, and industrial vehicles.

Bridgestone B250 P175/70 R14 84T Tubeless



  • This sports-type ultra-high performance tire is developed for wide range of performance automobiles from sporty cars to luxury sedans. Featuring the Bridgestone’s latest fundamental technology, this tyre offers superior handling performance on wet and dry roads as well as comfortable and quiet ride.
  • Designed to reduce rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency.
  • Designed to improve wear resistance, providing a longer tire life.Bridgestone is one of the best tyre companies in India and provides supreme quality of passenger & commercial tyres. Bridgestone’s innovative technology with the strong commitment to serving customers has made them one of the best tyre brands on the market.

        Continental ContiComfortContact CC5 P175/70 R14 Tubeless



  • Dry Grip.
  • Stiffer rib at center and specially optimized contact patch
  • Tread pattern with larger outer shoulder
  • Tread compound based on higher Tg (Glass transition temperature) rubber

    Continental tires stand for excellent transmission of forces, exceptionally reliable tracking of all weather conditions and high-cost effectiveness. We offer the right tires for every application – from passenger cars through trucks, buses and construction site vehicles to industrial vehicles, bicycles, and motorcycles.Designed for small and compact cars, the ContiEcoContact 3 has low rolling resistance giving reduced fuel consumption and has excellent wear properties to ensure high mileage. In addition, its asymmetrical tread design provides excellent traction on wet and dry roads and shorter braking distances.


               CEAT Milaze X3 P175/70 R14 Tubeless



  • Precise steering control during lane change
  • High in steering precision
  • Superior dry braking
    Benefits: Smooth and comfortable riding with optimum stability.  Functions: Good traction, exceptional handling at high speeds and improved mileage. Features: Wide circumferential grooves, attractive tread pattern and rigid shoulder blocks.
  • These tyres have a sturdy block pattern which reduces the risk factor and makes it more comfortable to ride on uncertain roads.
  • It has a nylon casing, thereby preventing it from wearing off or being damaged to an extent even under extreme conditions.
  • It has optimised tread and shoulder contour, adding to the features of the tyre.
  • It also has an attractive sidewall appearance which makes the tyre even more appealing.
Top 5 budget Indian Tyre Brands |TyresNMore – Buy Tyres Online in India

Top 5 budget Indian Tyre Brands |TyresNMore – Buy Tyres Online in India

Due to increasing dominance of Chinese tyremakers in the tyre industry, Indian tyremakers are trying to beat them at their own game. Indian tyremakers are cutting prices and introducing more budget tyres to counter the enormous tyre export. They are focusing on the budget tyre segment with a strategic approach to catering the Indian market. According to the Institutional Research (Auto and Auto Ancillaries), Indian tyre industry has cut the price by 10-15%.

Here is the list of budget tyremakers in India.

5. Apollo Tyres: Apollo Tyres is one of the renowned tyre manufactures, which is now among the largest tyremakers in the world. It has a network of nearly 5,000 dealerships in India, of which over 3,500 are exclusive outlets. In line with the reductions in Input costs, Apollo tyres have announced a 3-5 percent cut in various categories of tyres. The Apollo tyres range has always provided a long-term accomplishment to its users. Just as this range of Apollo Amazer Tubeless tires which has reduced unsprung mass which increases fuel efficiency and optimal gauges for supreme cushioning for ride comfort.
4. TVS Tyres: They are one of India’s leading tyre manufacturing company. They are the largest manufacturer of pneumatic tyres, flotation, and motor grader farm and implementation tyres. At present, two of its products- Jumbo and Dragon contributes the majority of the sales volume, Due to the unexpected rise in two-wheeler tyre market, TVS tyres is stepping the gas to move faster by introducing lower budget options. Before rolling out its products to the end consumer, MRF subjects its tyres to comprehensive tests, exposing them to high speeds and endless maneuvers on Indian roads.
3. JK Tyres: This Delhi based automotive tyre manufacturer is the only company to offer radial tyres in the entire range of 4-wheelers. The production capacity is around 20 million tyres and manufacturing plants are located at nine centers in India. It provides a number of models such as Ultima Sport, Elanzo Crusero, Ultima Neo, and Vectra which has Excellent tread compound with low hysteresis, Optimized shoulder stiffness gradient, and stiff center blocks. They are available in a variety of sizes for passenger cars. These tyres retail from Rs. 2,700– Rs. 5,500 per tyre, depending on the size of the tyre.
2. MRF: This Chennai based company is the largest manufacturer of tyres in India. They manufacture various budget tyres for passenger cars, two-wheelers, and light commercial vehicles. The Key selling budget products include MRF Nylogrip, MRF ZVTs, and MRF wanderer which have cut resistant tread compounds ensure superior performance on rough/off-road conditions along with Multi-layered reinforced steel belt package with N-66 ply enhances performance in all terrains and Multi-layer hi-modulus carcass and sidewall for the superior driving experience. The road safety of the customers is the topmost priority of MRF Tyres. This is precisely why the company’s R&D team of scientists and engineers works religiously with the aim of incorporating cutting-edge, innovative technologies in the design process. MRF works in tandem with global suppliers and uses only the best raw materials in the production of its tyres.

1. CEAT Tyres:  This Mumbai based tyre manufacturer was established in 1958. This industrial conglomerate has a strong presence in the global tyre industry. CEAT has 6 stages of R&D cycle which helps in improving the overall quality of tyres. They use recycled substances as the raw material in the design process, making their products more environmentally friendly. Their range of budget products includes CEAT Gripp, CEAT Milaze, and CEAT Czar which stand for excellent transmission of forces, exceptionally reliable tracking of all weather conditions and high-cost effectiveness. In addition, its asymmetrical tread design provides exceptional traction on wet and dry roads and reduced braking distances.

Best Cars in India Under 6 lakhs |TyresNMore – Buy Tyres Online in India

Best Cars in India Under 6 lakhs |TyresNMore – Buy Tyres Online in India

Thanks to our love for Hatchbacks, carmakers are relentlessly cranking out new ones. Of these, the small hatchback segment has seen the most number of launches in the past years.


Ford Figo is the feature-laden offering by Ford which is full of expected technical specs. The top-end, variant of Ford Figo gets almost every creature comfort that you expect from a hatchback – height-adjustable driver seat, music system with Bluetooth, aux and USB inputs.

The 1.5-litre 99bhp 8V TDCI Diesel Engine that most of India’s passenger car market is intimately familiar with, in 99bhp/215Nm tune. There’s the same old five-speed manual feeding the front wheels as well. Ford’s diesel connects more to driving enthusiasts than their petrol engines.

The entire dashboard has been designed for keeping the power user in mind. The materials used are also of good quality and there are even some soft-touch materials used in here. The upholstery too gets better fabrics; the ones that make it look sportier. Inside, the new Figo gets a refreshed center console which has now been finished in a glossy black color and has complementing silver accents. The central AC vents have now been given a rectangular shape and the graphics for the multifunction display have also been changed. The Ford Figo isn’t too great if you plan to squeeze in your full family. The leg- and the shoulder-room is ample for 4 average sized adults.

This power packed machine is priced at ₹ 4.99 Lakhs onwards. 

Tata Tiago: Tata launched its budget hatchback “Tiago” to stay relevant in the mid-sized hatchback segment, which is primarily dominated by Maruti and Hyundai. Despite new offering ushering in the market, Tata really hit the nail on the head with refreshingly exciting Tata Tiago.

First look at the Tiago will immediately compel you to give it another look. The exteriors look surprisingly dynamic. It seems quite evident that Tata decided to develop this car from scratch to make it stands out from all other cars in this segment. It comes with a power packed 1.05-litre 12V Revotorq Engine producing 69bhp of maximum power. It has received significant positive reviews from its users, mostly for its design of front profile and the “Harman Music system”. The design changes made in the ca compliments the overall performance.

The real surprise is the aggressive pricing which ranges between 3.20 Lakhs to 5.54 lakhs.


Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 :Maruti Suzuki launched its reinvented version of the MVP in the entry-level car segment. i.e. Maruti Alto K10.

Under the hood, Alto K10 comes packed with a 1.0L 12VK series Petrol engine producing 67 bhp of maximum power. Even though Alto K10 looks small from outside but it has ample space for average-sized passengers. When it comes to driving, enthusiastic drivers will want a car that has a 50:50 balance of ride and handling. Ergonomics are really spot on for the most part, & controls easily fall into hands.

Unlike potential rivals. Alto K10 does not sport an out of the box styling. The design is the perfect blend of robustness and flat space structure. Headlamps are large and rock a basic design.
Alto K10 seems suited for a city drive rather than an outright highway run.

This best seller has a price tag of ₹ 3.77 Lakhs.

Chevrolet Beat: It is a well-equipped and good to drive B segment hatchback. Offered with a 1.5 liter 12V XSDE engine with an inline diesel engine producing 56.3 bhp of maximum power, the car runs well both on city streets and highway. The ride is simply good; the car soaks up everything you throw at it without being erratic. At low speeds, it has a voracious appetite for potholes and only large craters manage to ruffle its feathers. The suspension set up of the car is one of the best in class. The car has one of the best ride and handling in the class but doesn’t have the performance to match its panache around the bends.

Chevrolet beat boasts a bold stance and spruced up interiors. Ventilated disc brakes are equipped in front and rear gets drum brakes for retarding speed. Suspension set up comprises McPherson Strut in front and Torsion Beam at the rear. Alloy wheels are equipped with the top-spec variant while rest of the trims come with the full wheel cover.

This supreme offering from Chevrolet is priced between Rs 3.92 – 5.88 Lakh.

Fiat Punto: The Fiat Punto marks the entry of Fiat’s lineup in this segment. Due to its powerful performance, this car is the best driver’s hatchback the country has ever seen.

As it is styled by the design ace Guigiaro, Fiat Punto oozes the European flamboyance and that gives it the edge over any other car in this price segment. Under the hood, it comes with both petrol and diesel unit. The diesel variant is the 1.3-litre Multijet engine that exists in two states of tune- 75 bhp/197 Nm & 90bhp/209 Nm and on the other hand 1.4-litre petrol variant produces 89 bhp/115 Nm. The car has better leg space than Swift and Polo and the aggressive performance gives it a little edge over its competitors.

The front end of the car looks belligerent and has that ‘aggressive’ look. The large front bumper, the new trapezoidal grille, sweptback headlights and the V-shaped bulge on the bonnet ends are new. Due to its elegant side bezels and spot on tail lamps, Fiat Punto has the best back in the business. Fiat Punto is priced between Rs 5.36- 7.48 Lakh.